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Android Gaming Round Up!!!!

Posted by D on November 23, 2010

So. Android games.

Buka : Fun avoid/destroy the asteroids asteroids clone. Could do with multitouch enabling

Gem Miner: Dig Deeper : This is a bad, bad boring game

Dynamo Kid Touch : Nice procedurally generated platformer, lacks depth and longevity

Flight Frenzy Deluxe : Pretty good Flight Control rip off.

Sky Force Reloaded : Strong, well presented 16bit style, top-down scrolling shmup.

Zenonia : Solid JRPG, good dialogue although a little tedious and grindy later on

Flight Director : Really excellent Flight Control rip off. Might even be better than Flight Control

SpeedX 3D : Really great avoid-the-obstacles tunnel racer.

Hyper Jump : Adequate rip off of iOS’s Mega Jump

MiniSquadron : Truly brilliant take on the 2D biplane combat game. Like the old Amiga BIP/Biplanes Duel or Altitude games.

Drop7 : Mind bendingly addictive puzzle game with an awesome soundtrack

Alchemy : Another entry in that odd combining things genre. Kind of like the taking the bit in old point-and-click adventures where you were stuck for what to do and were reduced to just trying to combine things and turning it into a game. Except they all fail to be puzzle games because they never actually tell you what the goal items are.

Angry Birds : Ridiculously popular smash up shit game. Excellent fun but comes apart a bit when you’re trying to 3 star the levels. The process is just a little too stochastic so the same action doesn’t always lead to the same out come.

Steambirds : Nicely turned out and addictive turn based strategy puzzler.


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