Itchy Thumbs

Completing games then reviewing them


Unlike the rest of the reviewing world I'm going to stick to a scale out of 10. I don't really see that differentiating between scores like 74% and 75% has any tangible meaning. Maybe at a push I'll include half points too. The other important thing is that 5 will represent the totally average game, a game that is neither good nor bad, although some would argue that being average is a sin in itself. That's right 5 is average, not 70% like every other review source, so get used to it and get over it.

A game that I score a 5 might well be in a genre that you like and I do not. I would hope that if you read enough of my reviews you'd get an idea of where I'm coming from and you'd be able to work out where you stand on games in relation to me and whether a game I'm not keen on might be something you'd like and vice versa. The scoring scheme will be:

1: Why, lord why?
2: Ooow, my thumbs. My beautiful thumbs.
3: A waste of my time and your time.
4: Diverting but substandard.
5: Meh.
6: Good ideas – Bad ideas together at last!
7: Well rounded, lots of fun barely concealed below the surface.
8: Well spank me sideways and call me sally, I like this game.
9: Amazing. A tour de force.
10: Jaw dropping unatainable level of L337|\|355.

You get the idea…


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