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Kirby Power Paintbrush

Posted by D on November 21, 2006


If more fun can be had with a computer game I’m not sure I’m aware of it but I imagine that it involves rumble packs.

KirbySo. You are kirby. As always you are pink. An evil witch has turned you from regular kirby (a ball with feet) into spherical kirby (a ball with no feet). Using only the power of rainbows you must travel through multiple worlds, defeat monsters, collect coins and then defeat the evil witch. Quite why all this has happened is never clearly explained. I imagine you must retrieve your feet. A noble goal if ever there was one. An allegory about self-improvement? A handicapped-postive tale of over coming the odds? Who can say? Nonetheless you must defeat the dark brooding evil that is the witch. Oh and something about paintbrushes.

Like some unseen hand of the fates you do not directly control Kirby. Kirby merely rolls. Tap him and he will dart forward. In the main you guide him by scribbling on the screen and drawing little rainbows. Kirby rolls along these little rainbows as though he were a tiny pink rollercoaster [insert gag about the ladies loving my pink rollercoast ride]. This is utterly original and it helps that they’ve executed this compeltely flaultlessly. At first it all seems pretty tricky, there are things to learn and cope with. You can’t keep drawing as you have a (replenishable) paint limit. Neither can you can’t draw too steeply and you shouldn’t cross yourself. All in it takes about one run through the game to get the hang of it.

Normally I hate games that extend their life by making you run through them again to collect everything. In this case I have to make an exception. It really is so fun to play that it’s worth spending time running through it with all the other characters. By the time you’ve completed it a couple of times you really are the master of the control method. It is immensly staisfying being able to lead kirby across screenfuls of spikes, where you can only use tiny little slopes of rainbow because you’ve run out of paint. That the game engine allows such a fine level of finesse is testament to how well it is put together.

Besides the main game, defeating each boss gives you access to a mini-game based on each boss battle. With the exception of the final boss each mini-game plays in no way related to the main platform game. There’s speed join-the-dots, smash things with a roller coaster and a demolition style breakout/arkanoid. All of which are good fun but the real meat of the game is in the main platform bits. Speed join-the-dots gave me problems. I have appalling handwriting and little dexterous control of a pen. Having to join dots with very straight lines at speed and failing was a little too close to being four years old and being shouted at because I couldn’t write properly. Not perhaps that most
gratifying of game experiences but they weren’t to know.


8/10 Glorious.


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Vorsprung durch technik

Posted by D on November 2, 2006

More than amply demonstrating that the games industry have in fact been busy making the same 11 games for the last 20 years.

Game Evolution

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