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Honourable Mentions

Posted by D on May 23, 2006

Occasionaly there are games that I do not manage to complete. This is rare. I can not deny that I have some kind of media content related OCD. I must finish any books I pick up, I must see films in their totality and I must see all the content available in a computer game. Why else have I played Final Fantasy VII all the way through 7 times?

I promised somewhere that I would only reviews games which I've completed but there are the odd one or two that I don't make it through. To that end I'll give you a couple of lines about games I haven't made it through but which probably deserve mentioning. These aren't full reviews just a couple of my thoughts.

Advance Wars Dual Strike

I have no idea why I bought this game, the turn based strategy game is possibly my least favourite genre. With the possible exception of American Football sims. Actually I do know why I bought this game it was the only thing available that had good reviews which I didn't already own for the Nintendo DS. I played this game solidly, to the exception of all other games, for nearly 3 weeks. Given that it's in a genre that I don't especially care for that must some an indication of something. Something positive perhaps. After 3 weeks I had earned 30 of the 300 available medals. I did a quick calculation and decided I don't have enough time in my life to play one game exclusively for 30 weeks. I gave up.

In it's defense it's pretty and well put together. Although I'm not a fan I can see that it's a great example of it's genre. It just isn't for me. The only thing that annoyed me was when using the stylus it's all too easy to select the wrong options from the menus. I eventually just restorted to using the D-pad and buttons.

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Sonic Rush

Once again I was lulled in by the lure of good reviews and yes, I suppose I agree, this may well be the best sonic game in years. Having recently replayed the original sonic game I discovered that it wasn't actually that good in the first place. Some might say that being the best piece of shit in a huge steaming pile of excrement is hardly something to aspire to. Perhaps I'm being a little unfair. The game plays nicely, it looks pretty, there is nothing wrong with it per se. On the other hand, the big glaringly obvious hand, there is nothing that stands out. It is a truely lack lustre, underwhelming experience. I even got all the way to the final boss, with both characters and with all the chaos emeralds, and I just couldn't be bothered defeating him. Ennui had set in. I cared not one jot to see the final end sequence. Especially crappy is that the second character's (Blaze) levels are exactly identical to Sonic's, you just get to play them in a different order. Dissappointing. The music is rather great though.


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