Itchy Thumbs

Completing games then reviewing them

Itchy Thumbs

If you can’t be arsed to read the first post here’s the important bit again:

But what [reviewing] credentials do I have, I hear you ask. Nothing formal I must answer. I’m not a journalist and I’m not a trained writer. I’m just a game fan that cares about playing good games and that cares to see the standard of games raised. I’ve played games for over 20 years now on many systems (including but not limited to: ZX81, ZX Spectrum 48K, BBC micro, RM Nimbus, x86 PC, Amiga500, Gameboy, Amiga 1200, SNES, playstation, N64, playstation 2, Nintendo DS) so I hope that indicates that I might have some idea about what makes some games succesful and others not so. Other than that I’ve thought about games, playability and the games industry a lot. Anyway you should be the judge of whether I’m talking sense or not.

There will probably only be about 3 or 4 montly updates so I’d advise using theee RSS feed to keep up rather than coming back and checking every day.


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