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Posted by D on January 6, 2011

C’est mindless, c’est magnifique.

You are War! Fourth horseman of the apocalypse and you must get revenge for some things that just stop making sense later. Everything about this game is big, brash and brainless. And surprisingly none of that is to it’s detriment.  It’s solidly made, plays well, the level design is good. You wouldn’t write home about any particular component of it. The visual design, plot and dialogue look exactly like that graphic novel you wanted to make when you were 15 but had neither the skill, talent or time to realise it, like someone scrapped up the worst residual bits out of Todd McFarlane’s mind and deposited them in a computer game.  And yet…

And yet it’s completely fun. I’m not entirely sure why but for reasons beyond my comprehension it’s strangely satisfying good. Candy floss for the mind probably.  Can’t imagine I’d play a sequel but this one is a totally enjoyable 8 hours.


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