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Too many games, so little time

Posted by D on October 7, 2009

Little King’s Story
Diverting, engaging and mostly fun RTS-come-RPG on the Wii. Starts off very strong, gets a little work-a-day through the middle segment but doesn’t stick around long enough to drag you down. Very charming

The Legendary Starfy
Playable but run-of-the-mill platformer on the DS. Child’s play difficultly curve until you reach the hidden levels at which point it really starts to hand you your ass. Mildly diverting.

Batman: Arkahm Asylum
Spectacular, playable and brilliant action/fighting game. Possibly slightly let down by the paucity of fighting segments. You’ll come for the cloaks and scowls and stay for the amazing pacing. Expect a sequel that doesn’t quite live up to the sheer joy and originality of this one. Chiropterian high-jinks.

Super Stardust HD
Brilliant modern reworking of 90’s rewrite of Asteroids. So hard, so very, very hard. Frustrating fun.

Trash Panic
Fun yet wholly inscrutable take on the falling block puzzle. Not yet completed this, not even fully come to understand it. Engaging Rubbish


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