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Yet another quick round up

Posted by D on February 26, 2009

Sorry but I’ve just been splitting my time between too many games and not really completing any of them. I’ll give you a quick round up of my thoughts though

Locks Quest : I did complete this and it was totally and utterly excellent. nice lite RTS-come-tower-defence game. Highly recommend.

Contact : Completed this too; rather dull and work-a-day RPG

Little Big Planet : Very attractive graphics hide an aggressively mediocre platform game. The physics engine gets in the way and the servers for multiplayer were flaky to say the least.

Resistance 2 : Really well done FPS for the PS3.

WipeOut HD : Acceptably fun lite-version of wipeout for the PS3. Would be nice if they released a full game.

Advance Wars: Dark Conflict : Excellent next game in the series. Probably not quite as good as Dual Strike though.

Space Invaders Extreme : Ruthlessly hard “new” version of space invaders. Really keeps to the feel and spirit of the original while adding some modern touches like great bosses.

Bangai ‘O Spirits : Hard and fiddly shoot ’em up for the DS. Doubt I’d recommend it to anyone

World of Goo
: Kind of ok puzzle game with “hilarious” physics.  The PC version really, really feels like you’re playing a game designed for the Wii that’s been ported over. Fun but nothing to write home about

De blob : Brightly coloured platofrmer for small kids. No challenge at all plus what’s there is repetitive in the extreme. If you were 8 this might be fun I suppose.

Spelunky : Totally and utterly awesome but unforgiving procedurally generated platformer. Totally great piece of freeware full of all sorts of hidden and clever touches. Quite a triumph of game design.

Kings Bounty : The Legend : Initially very, very entertaining fantasy strategy board game set in an exceedingly imaginative fantasy realm. Gets a little boring once you realise that the board game element that is the game requires no more strategy than “be vastly stronger than your opponent”. Also the over world you traverse between games means that you spend an awful lot of time toing and froing and not playing the game bit.

GTA IV : More of what you’ve come to expect. Got a bit bored of it and sacked it off half way through the story line.

Sorry for that slack round up I promise there will be a complete review of something and soon.  Maybe Streetfighter IV


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