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Fairway Solitaire

Posted by D on April 13, 2010

Thanks to Mass Effect I finally completed Fairway Solitaire. I installed Fairway Solitaire when it came out and after running through the first third I’ve ignored it; perhaps running through the odd level once every couple of months. But since buying Mass Effect never before have I felt that I’d rather be playing something else. This might very well be the world’s greatest golf themed solitaire game. It’s certainly in the running for being the world’s most addictive solitaire game. I advise you check it out it’s only about £4. Having completed it I now have no excuse not to play Mass Effect, except for that fact that I immediately bought Torchlight; yes that’s right not only would I rather play solitaire than Mass Effect I’d willing spend money not to play Mass Effect.

I might say something about Torchlight shortly but in the end of the day it’s just Diablo 2 but better.


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