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Super fast gaming reviews: round 2 – Yat sa!

Posted by D on December 7, 2007

Final Fantasy III DS

Boring and lacking in cool cinematic cut scenes – 4/10

Super Mario Galaxy

Exceedingly polished and satisfying yet overly easy platformer – 8/10

Mario Strikers Charged

Engaging if slightly lacklustre Speedball 2 clone – 5/10

Super Paper Mario

Superb dimension switching idea ruined by being shoehorned into incredibly tedious RPG – 4/10

Castlevania: Dawn of Sorrows

Tedious – 4/10


Truly excellent if short lived futuristic puzzler – 9/10

Half-Life : Episode 2

Polished and engaging middle episode of the tale – 8/10

Yoshi’s Island DS

Hard but satisfying platform action – 9/10

Sorry there hasn’t been a full review on here in a while, I promise there will be soon.


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