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This again.

Posted by D on October 5, 2006

Apparently not enough women play computer games. If I had three pounds thirty seven for every time I’ve heard this piece of insightful economic analysis I might have as much accumulated as much as ten pounds eleven pence. I appreciate the industry as a whole is virtually slavering at the prospect that they could make more money if they could work out how to tap into this attractive and pleasantly scented market but I can never shake off the feeling that their attempts to do so are little other than demeaning, pathetic and sexist. I don’t doubt that you can easily market Barbie Horse Adventures to girls younger than 11; but when you’re marketing strategy for older women consists of an analysis that is no more indepth than “Women like playing house with dolls. The Sims 2 is like playing house with dolls. Lets make more Sims games” then you’re not really thinking outside the box. In fact some might say you’re thinking inside a rather sexist and short sighted box. Apart from being mind blowing insulting to everyone’s intelligence you’re not actually expanding your market share. You’ve already captured the market that wants to play The Sims 2. I believe I have discussed this before.

And then we have things like The Frag Dolls. Do UBI think this is actually going attract women to gaming? Yes, Only pretty girls play games and everything has to be presented as though it came off the pages Seventeen. If the industry wants to attract more women to gaming then it needs to take a long hard look at how it portrays women in games. Stop pandering to adolescent boys wank fantasies and grow up a bit.

And in the meantime read a bit of this.


One Response to “This again.”

  1. heapybaby! said

    have a look at this dan, first insightful peice on women gamers ive read, shame its fiction tho.


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