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Tee hee

Posted by D on March 8, 2006


5 Responses to “Tee hee”

  1. limejelly said

    That works. Oh yes. Have to shift the text to the right a few pixels for balance (edit the post, then delete this sentence?). As discussed, I’ve had good results from . Would love to hear other suggestions for online bespoke tee-shirt printers.

  2. limejelly said

    Grr. Forgot the /A to end the link. Can you edit that for me? I don’t seem to have permissions.

  3. Ha! Too late sucker. Your idiocy will remain in perpetuity.

  4. limejelly said

    Do you want a fight?

  5. limejelly said

    Tee-shirts at dawn.

    I raise you “My other vehicle is a sit-com”

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