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Mutant Storm

Posted by D on March 2, 2006

Somewhere deep in the limbic portions of my brain resides an entity composed of little more than reactions and raw instinct. This is an entity whose deep thirst can be sated only by rapidly blinking, psychedelic colours and incremental adrenalin based rewards and to that end I can not recommend Mutant Storm enough. It’s basically Llamatron on steroids, were I Jeff Minter I’d be rather jealous. Buy it, buy it now or regret every living moment of your life. Oh and get a controller with 2 analogue sticks to play it with (although the keyboard/mouse combo works rather well).

I am aware that this is “old” news but some things bear reiteration.


One Response to “Mutant Storm”

  1. limejelly said

    It is indeed the canine’s catenary collection. The control question is interesting – as you mentioned over coffee the other day, the mouse lets you hover the direction of fire over things you want to kill, but the two analogue sticks *feel* brilliant. This presumably speaks to a broader issue of design of control mechanism (or mechanic(sic)?), in which the most efficient solution may be undesirable.

    In tomb raider, for example, the controls demand shifting around carefully to judge jumps. If it were implemented with the quake-esque wasd/mouse with adjustment mid-air, it would be a very different experience.

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